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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Exciting visit from the Armed Support Unit

On Monday, the Garda Armed Support Unit visited our school to show us their patrol car and to display the range of equipment it contains.

They turned on the sirens and showed us their protective clothing, taser guns, handguns, pepper spray and hand cuffs. They described each piece of equipment and what it is used for. It was fascinating!

We had great fun learning about the Armed Support Unit. Check out the pictures of our exciting day!


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Wood Work Project

Stephen in 4th class has been working very hard on his woodwork project.

Take a look at the beautiful bird box he has made.


Working towards our second Green Flag

Last week, Sharon Cameron from Mayo County Council visited us and spoke to us about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

She gave us lots of helpful tips and ideas about saving energy in our school,  to helps us in achieving our second Green Flag, which is based on the theme of Energy.

We are very excited to be involved in the Green Schools programme and are working hard towards achieving our second Green Flag.

Check out our pictures!


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Rice Krispie Bun Making

1st and 2nd class have been busy learning how to write instructions.

We have learned how to write instructions for making Rice Krispie buns.

On Friday, we had lots of fun making the buns. Have a look at the pictures of our fun day!


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Fr. Crosby’s Visit

Fr. Crosby visited us and taught us about the different colours that the priest wears to celebrate each of the liturgical seasons.

We learned that:

  • Purple is worn during advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter) and is also the colour associated most with funerals and prayer for the departed.
  • White is worn on many of the greatest saint’s days and on all occasions of great significance, such as Baptism, Confirmation, Weddings or Ordination. White is also worn at Christmas and at Easter.
  • Red is worn to denote Martyrs, the Holy Spirit, Good Friday and Pentecost.
  • Green is worn during the period in between special occasions known as Ordinary Time.



Fr. Crosby also taught us about the Brídóg and St. Brigid’s girdle.

We learned that the Brídóg is a doll made from straw, that was used to represent St. Brigid.

On the evening before St. Brigid’s feast day, she was welcomed into people’s houses in the form of Brídóg, in the hope that the saint would give a blessing to the family, ensuring good health and a good harvest.

St. Brigid’s girdle is an arch made from straw with a cross in the middle and signifies that God is always around us.


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Celebrating the feast of St. Brigid

Have a look at our lovely crosses which we made to celebrate the feast of St. Brigid.

Thanks to all who brought in the rushes.

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Did you know!?

According to tradition, a St. Brigid’s cross is normally hung by the entrance of a house to protect the house from fire and evil.

A new cross is made each year on St. Brigid’s Day and the old cross is burned to keep fire from the house.

The making of a St. Brigid’s cross is a ritual which signifies the beginning of early spring, which occurs on the 1st of February.