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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The end of one chapter..The beginning of another

The excitement on our last day of school was tinged with sadness, as we bid a fond farewell to our wonderful 6th class pupils.

We wish them continued success and happiness as they graduate from national school and move into a new and exciting chapter of their lives in secondary school.


Presentation of Awards

We had a very exciting last day of school today, as the pupils with the highest level of attendance for the school year, received certificates and awards in acknowledgement of their wonderful achievement.



Our School Tour 2014

On the 16th of June the senior room went to Petersburg in Clonbur with Múinteoir Lorrainne. It was a fantastic day from start to finish. When we arrived the instructors were very helpful told us everything we needed to know.

For our first activity, we set off walking up a hill (it was a long trek). We then walked to a boat which took us to an island where the obstacle course was.

Once we arrived at the obstacle course, we split up into teams and completed the course several times. We also completed a 10 second challenge which included: the log wall, the A frame and the water jump.
For our next challenge we got into our wet suits and went to a river a short distance away by bus. We participated in a range of fun activities such as sliding head first down a slide.

We also participated in gorge walking which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
It was a great day and we all slept soundly that night!





Green Fingers

On Tuesday 17th June, the senior room worked hard, harvesting and planting in the school garden.
We planted potatoes, carrots, scallions, lettuce, strawberries and radishes. It was great fun pulling out the weeds and the different fruit and vegetables we had planted earlier in the year. It was great fun in the garden and we look forward to cooking and eating our vegetables.






Our Story Boxes

3rd,4th and 5th class recently read a novel by Michael Morpurgo
entitled “Kensuke’s Kingdom”. We really enjoyed the story and after we
finished studying the book we did an art project making ‘story boxes’,
which were inspired by the book.

To make our story boxes we used a shoe box, leaves of palm trees,
strings, sticks, stones, moss, wood and paint.
We used the paint to decorate the background and create the illusion
of water. We then added sand and palm leaves to create a beach and
trees. We made a cave out of an old yogurt pot, which we cut in half
and painted . Next, we added a beacan and placed it beside the cave.
We then added in a boat and covered it over with moss. The final
features were then added to bring the scene to life.

Our story boxes were made to represent the setting of the novel and we
had a lot of fun making them.




Football Blitz at McHale Park

On Wednesday the 11th of June 3rd-6th classes went to McHale Park for a school blitz.
There were a numerous teams competing on the day from all over Mayo. We played against three different teams. We had a great time playing at the blitz and we were lucky enough to even get to hold the Markem cup which the Mayo minors won.
At the end of the day everyone got medals for participating and we all had a great day.

Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday the 18th Múinteoir Catherine gave the senior classes an exciting scavenger hunt to do after break.
It took place in our school yard. We had two teams: Team A and Team B.

Team A were: Gary, Rory, Saibh, Stephen and team B were: Joseph, Darren, Christopher, Leah.
Each team were given the challenge of finding cards which were hidden all around the school yard.

Team B won the scavenger hunt, but everyone had great fun.



6th class magazine 2014

We (6th class) recently finished our end of year magazine. Included in the magazine is memories and photos of our years in and outside of Glencorrib N.S. Completed in a week and a 1/2, our fun-packed magazine also has jokes, riddles and even some tricky tongue twisters! The style of the magazine, perfected on microsoft word, is unique and different to other years. We really enjoyed editing and putting together our very own magazine.

School Tour to Connemara

Yesterday we went on our school tour to Connemara National Park with Múinteoir Orna.

We did lots of fun activities including a scavenger hunt and pond dipping. We also made some beautiful butterflies and caterpillars.

We really enjoyed our day.