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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween time!!!
Look at our scary costumes!!

IMG_2509 IMG_2508

Green Schools

At present we are working on the energy theme in the hope of achieving our second green flag.
We completed an appliance and lighting audit and we read the electricity meter. This helped us find out how much electricity we use and where/how we can save energy.
We have formed an energy squad who help us to remember
• Turn off lights/computers when not needed.
• Make sure taps are not dripping.
• Ensure windows and doors are closed to keep the heat in.
We are all working very hard to save energy and are looking forward to our Action Day.

Planting Flowers

The senior room recently planted flowers in the window boxes. They have really brightened up the school yard.

IMG_2491 IMG_2497

Bike Safety

For three weeks during the month of September the senior room completed a fun bike safety programme with the help of our instructor Gerry from Mayo County Council. We played some fun games but we also learned how to travel safely on the road. We all really enjoyed it.

IMG_2467 IMG_2466

School Improvements

Over the summer holidays a lot of work was carried out on our school to ensure we keep our reputation as the Best Kept School in Mayo! New signs were placed on our front wall, our school crest is now proudly in place at the school entrance, and new friendship signs have been put up inside the shelter and in the main school corridor. The school and all outdoor buildings were also painted. A special thanks to Trevor Grimes and all the Tús workers for their help with the painting.

IMG_2490 IMG_2478

Mini Sevens

On Tuesday the 3rd of October 3rd to 6th classes went to Kilmaine for the mini sevens championship. We played Cross NS in the first match but sadly we lost by three points. We were all very disappointed but we played very well and we all had a great day. We will continue to work on our football skills with the help of our trainer Martin Costello.

New Outdoor Preschool

We have a new outdoor preschool in our school with some fantastic outdoor facilities. The children have such fun with Avril learning in the great outdoors! Have a look at these cool photos! We wish we were back in playschool!
IMG_2474 IMG_2469 IMG_2468 IMG_2488 IMG_2489