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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Confirmation 2017

Congratulations to the 8 pupils from 5th and 6th class who made their Confirmation on Thursday the 30th of March. A great day was had by all. Well done to all involved!


Green Schools Action Day

Yesterday we held our Action Day for our Green Schools program. We are currently working on the ‘water’ flag.

We all dressed in blue for the day and completed lots of water related activities.

In the morning, we all went on a water themed scavenger hunt around the school grounds. During the day, we also completed a ‘Walk for Water’ where we all walked 6 kilometres whilst carrying 12 litres of water between us.  This was to help us understand the difficult journey that many people, including children of our age, have to make daily for water in some parts of the world.

In the afternoon, the Senior Room had to design an aluminium boat that would stay afloat when some coins were placed inside. The Junior Room drew diagrams of the water cycle and set up an experiment to test evaporation.

We had a great, fun-filled day as you can see from our pictures!

IMG_4553 IMG_4548 IMG_4541 IMG_4536 IMG_4534 IMG_4532 IMG_4522

First Confessions

Congratulations to Kevin and Jonathan who made their First Confessions last week.


World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We have been busy bees over the last couple of weeks making our own costumes, with a little help from mums and dads! We really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters and I think everyone will agree that all our costumes are fantastic!

Well done to everyone for making a tremendous effort. The judges had a very difficult time deciding on the winners, but congratulations to our winners:

1st Place – Michaela as Miss. Trunchbull from Matilda

2nd Place – Matt as Shmuel from Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

3rd Place – Stephen as Stick Man and Eleanor as Granuaile

Have a look at our brilliant costumes!

Worlddaybook 2 worldbookday4 worldbookday3 world book day 1 unnamed (1)

Cong Salmon Hatchery

As part of our Green Schools program we are learning all about the important uses of water in our lives and in the environment. We have also been learning about all our local water systems and how important it is to save water and to keep it clean.

Last week, we visited Cong Salmon Hatchery where we learned some really interesting things about the life cycle of the salmon. The Salmon hatchery is situated in a beautiful part of Cong, adjacent to the Cong river.

Matt, who works in the Hatchery, kindly showed us all around the hatchery, including where they hatch the eggs and keep the salmon babies until they are big enough to be moved out into bigger tanks. Eventually, when they are about 14 months old they are released into the wild via the Cong river.

Matt explained the importance of keeping our water systems clean as pollution and dirty water can have a very damaging effect on our local salmon.

We really enjoyed our trip to the hatchery. We are looking forward to visiting it again nearer the end of the year.

Hatchery3 Hatchery2



Student of the Month – March

This year we have started a new initiative in our school – ‘Student of the Month’, which is aimed at encouraging a hard-working, helpful and positive atmosphere in our school.

This is a monthly award which will be presented to one chosen pupil at the end of each month.

The award will be presented to the pupil who is working the hardest, always trying their best, displaying kind and helpful behaviour, being polite and mannerly towards others and who helps to create a happy and positive atmosphere around our school on a daily basis.

This month we have chosen Stephen as our ‘Student of the Month’. Stephen received a medal for his wonderful achievement and was presented with the ‘Student of the Month’ trophy which he will display on his desk for the month of March.

Congratulations and well done to Stephen on his well deserved award!