Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí

AgriKids Farm Safety

Today Alma from AgriKids visited us to talk to us about farm safety.

We all love farms and life in the countryside here in Glencorrib, and many of us even live on farms. There’s lots of things for us to enjoy and explore, but it’s important to know when to play and when to  stay away.

Alma visited the Junior room first, where she read them some stories from her book ‘Tales from Riverside Farm’ and taught them all about keeping safe on the farm.

In the senior room, she talked all about farm safety, including safety signage, slurry safety, animal behaviours and tractor safety.

Alma was very impressed with all our pupils and their existing knowledge of farms and farm safety, but it is so important that we continue to recap on good farm safety practices regularly. So next time you are out and about on or near a farm take the time to chat about how you can be farmsafe.

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