Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí

Fr. Crosby’s Visit

Fr. Crosby visited us and taught us about the different colours that the priest wears to celebrate each of the liturgical seasons.

We learned that:

  • Purple is worn during advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter) and is also the colour associated most with funerals and prayer for the departed.
  • White is worn on many of the greatest saint’s days and on all occasions of great significance, such as Baptism, Confirmation, Weddings or Ordination. White is also worn at Christmas and at Easter.
  • Red is worn to denote Martyrs, the Holy Spirit, Good Friday and Pentecost.
  • Green is worn during the period in between special occasions known as Ordinary Time.



Fr. Crosby also taught us about the Brídóg and St. Brigid’s girdle.

We learned that the Brídóg is a doll made from straw, that was used to represent St. Brigid.

On the evening before St. Brigid’s feast day, she was welcomed into people’s houses in the form of Brídóg, in the hope that the saint would give a blessing to the family, ensuring good health and a good harvest.

St. Brigid’s girdle is an arch made from straw with a cross in the middle and signifies that God is always around us.


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