Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí

Friendship Week

Last week we celebrated ‘Friendship Week’ in Glencorrib N.S.

We had a great week completing lots of different activities based around the theme of friendship.

On Monday, we each received a ‘Mystery Friend’ for the week. We had to be extra kind and helpful to our mystery friend each day. Our teachers were very impressed with all of the different acts of kindness that we were performing all week!

We watched the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ which reminded us of the importance of sharing and playing or working together as a team. This story inspired us to create our very own ‘Frienship Fish’. Each of the beautiful scales on our fish has a note with something nice that each of us has done for a friend. We hope to have the fish covered in beautiful scales very soon!

In Art, we each designed our own jigsaw piece which show that even though we are all different, we all fit together like a jigsaw.

We also held a competition to come up with a friendship slogan for our school. Well done to Michaela whose winning slogan was ‘Be Kind to Your Friend, Then Your Friendship Will Never End’.

A fantastic friendly week was had by all!

IMG_4854 IMG_4856