Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí

Seashore Safari

On Monday, the 2nd to 6th class pupils went on a ‘Seashore Safari’ to Grattan Beach in Salthill.

In groups, we explored the seashore using nets and buckets to see what we could find. We found some amazing things including lots of different types of crabs, butter fish, shells, dogwhelk seasnails, rockling fish and blenny fish.

We learned all about sea life and the effects of pollution on the beach. We also played some fun and interesting games to show us how long it takes for certain types of rubbish to decompose. Did you know that an apple takes two months to decompose while glass bottles never decompose and remain in our sea for ever?

We had a great day out. Have a look at some pictures from our trip.

seashore safari 1 seashore safari 2 seashore safari 3 seashore safari 4 seashore safari 5