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Admission Notice for 2023/2024 Admissions-Notice-Glencorrib-NS


Glencorrib NS is currently accepting enrolment applications for September 2023. 

Please complete our Enrolment Form and Parental Permission Form and return to the school with a copy of your child’s Birth Cert and Baptismal Cert (if applicable) before Friday 31st  March 2023.  



PLEASE NOTE: This is neither an offer nor a guarantee of a place in Glencorrib NS. Please refer to our Enrolment & Admissions Policy- Admission Policy of Glencorrib NS

In line with the Enrolment and Admissions Act 2020, we can no longer accept applications for future years and can only accept Enrolment Applications for the coming school year (2023-24). Our Annual Admission notice will be published on this website in the December preceding the enrolment year, announcing our acceptance of applications for the next school year.